Our Proposals

The proposals for the redevelopment of Colosseum Retail Park include:

  • Up to 1,800 new homes in a variety of types and sizes for sale and rent, with around 500 affordable homes (including affordable rent and shared ownership)
  • Over 50,000 sqft of flexible work space (including a work hub), targeted to small and medium sized businesses to help the local economy grow
  • Over 30,000 sqft of retail, leisure, commercial spaces, and community uses, including:
    • crèche
    • doctor’s surgery
  • Over 200 construction jobs created
  • Over 420 jobs on the site once complete
  • A significant amount of public open space, including two new parks, equivalent to 65 tennis courts, and amounting to over a third of the site area
  • A new travel hub where people can rent bikes and cars, plan their journeys on public transport, and sign up for car clubs and cycling schemes to encourage a shift to more sustainable transport within the borough

If approved, the scheme will be delivered in phases. In the first phase in 2022, 450-500 homes will be built, and The Heart will be developed. The Heart represents public space at the gateway to the neighbourhood and is surrounded by commercial and retail space allowing for a variety of uses. There will be a curated programme of events, providing a broad scope of activities for residents, workers and visitors to participate in. The rest of the scheme will then be built out in phases as the other leases expire.