Our Proposals

We are at the initial stages in the process, and we are currently proposing:

  • Up to 1,800 new homes (studio, one, two and three beds) to buy and rent including affordable homes
  • A Workhub; a new business hub
  • ‘The Heart’; a focal point for the scheme comprising public space surrounded by local shops, cafes and restaurants with pedestrian links through to the surrounding area
  • New green links through the site providing north-south and east-west connections
  • Pedestrianised routes from Dearsley Road to Southbury Road and from Baird Road
  • A third of the site, which is the size of approximately 3 football pitches, will be open space
  • A new travel hub where people can rent bikes and cars, plan their journeys on public, and sign up for car clubs and cycling schemes to encourage a shift to more sustainable transport

If approved, the scheme will be delivered in phases. In the first phase, when B&Q’s lease expires 450-500 homes are built and The Heart is developed. The rest of the scheme will then be built out in phases.